When i first created this blog i never knew i had to write about myself as an introductory part this is more of a challenge since i have to describe myself in the best way possible. I however take the challenge with much gusto. Coming from a humble background i have learnt to appreciate the little things in life and enjoy every moment life offers. I have a weird slogan that says “God gave us the world this big filled with different people and it is up to us to explore and meet as many people as possible” So that when you die and He asks you  what you did with the opportunity He had given you atleast you would have a whole list of activities. I might say that i am more artistic in nature and i love doing things with my hands. I am very talkative and traveling has to be the best part of life. Yes i love fashion but its not always that you get everything right just make do with what you have and have fun while at it, the rest would just follow. I did my degree in JKUAT and yes people there is mass communication in JKUAT. Where i majored in advertising and minored in public relations.

Well enough about me and more about the blog. It is more of a lifestyle blog whereby i will look at people in different professions and seek to find out why they chose that profession its pros and cons. I will try to spice things up to do away with monotony and have something exciting. I hope you will  enjoy taking this amazing journey with me as we meet more people and explore this amazing place we live in. There is more yet to come hope we will have an exiting journey together.

photography by Kevin Casmir

@vincasmir on INSTAGRAM

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