87390fcea1e27d11d620bd8dfdcd9ffaThe industry am in is just messed up if I may say, it’s just like politics, a dirty game of some sort. Those you meet can either make or break you, it all depends on whether you meet the right or wrong people. It’s up to you to decide if you will have a faint heart or once you fall, you will be able to get up, dust yourself, keep your head up high and soldier on. In the past eight months I have met a lot of people and seen a lot. Met a lot of interesting characters too. I have been in the industry for a short time but I have made a lot of observations.

At first I was very excited and yet I might say naive. I got a job as a social media representative for some company that did events. We were only five in the beginning and everyone had their duties and responsibilities. At first it was really challenging since I had to learn and execute things as they come. But soon I got used to it. My colleagues were simply amazing I must say. They meticulously taught me the ropes, and they did it well. One of them is actually the one that pushed me to set up this blog. Thank you Mark. The experience was epic! I got to do a lot of exciting things and conducted lots of interviews for both local and international artists, I got to see a side of life I had never seen before.

But looking back I wonder why people treat each other with so much distaste! Is it that you see the other person as the older version of you before all the fame and glory? Is it that you see an attribute in them that scares you and you are afraid they might go much further than you ever did? Or do you just have a heart so dark that it’s only inhabitant is hate and loath for others and your only mission in life is to use people to your advantage?

I say this because things started changing fast. Let’s just say reality kicked in and it kicked hard. Guys started quitting due to one or two issues they had with the boss. Yes, things were bad and every time I felt frustrated I’d tell myself the world wasn’t built for the faint hearted. I convinced myself that God had a reason for everything, and so I soldiered on. My boss stopped paying and started giving me false hopes. The band threatened to go online and expose her so she paid them. Unfortunately for me, every time I asked for my share she would come up with cock and bull stories. Event sponsors had started backing out as she puts it.

Barely two months after I was out however, the event miraculously got back on its feet. The sponsors that had backed out as alleged were back and they were in it to win. As I had stated earlier, this industry has interesting people. Some will use you and dump you, others will promise you the world, and for the rest, let’s just say they think that they own the world.

The positives are also many. I got to interact with a lot of great people who constantly give me great advice and guidelines. Some have so much passion and love in what they do, that just makes you envious and motivates you to look for that thing that you love doing and push yourself beyond your cozy cocoon to achieve the best.

I deeply apologize for skipping last week’s article. The challenges of life, its ups and downs and unavoidable circumstances wouldn’t have allowed me do so. Life’s journey is not smooth, how you handle it determines your ultimate success or failure.

16 thoughts on “THE LIMELIGHT”

  1. Beautiful article Angie. You’ve always inspired me. The main reason why you should keep your head high is because you encourage so many of us. Thanks sister. Keep up!


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