bigbangupdates+nagoya+alive+tour+120517_0011I have been so busy that today the moment I took my laptop I sat down for several hours blank not knowing what to write about. I saw something on YouTube that inspired me. My first question to you is how well do you nuture your talent? That’s if you have any. Growing up we are told we can be anything we want to be. But what is it that stops us?! .Most of our parents would immediately take us to a guidance and counselor, pray for you or even punish you when you tell them you want to be a musician or an artist. In Kenya those aren’t considered as serious professions. They are considered hobbies and it’s so sad that parents do not actually let their children take part in such activities. I do agree that education is very important but not all children are the same. Some might be “book smart” while others might just be “street smart” not all of us are born the same. Yes guide your child through school and also encourage them to nuture what it is that they love, to avoid conflict during their teenage years. You may never know, you might be raising the next king of pop or maybe the next Leonardo Da Vinci. You won’t know unless you let them try.

Our parents aren’t the only people to blame for this. We have schools too which arent doing much to nuture the talents. What initiatives are they enforcing to detect talent from kids at an early age, and even after recognizing their talent what are they doing to ensure that the talent is nutured.  Personally, I think that the government should  start up a programme for kids who have talent. What are we as the children of this generation doing to make sure we follow our dreams? do we let people tell us what we can and cannot do?.

Earlier today, I watched this video that really moved me. It was about an autistic boy that was performing on Britain has got talent. One day when he was 3 years old, the school bus driver that used to take him to school and back stopped at the young boys house amazed and told his mother the child had sang all the way home. A child who couldn’t speak was able to express himself through a song. Now at 10 the boy is able to sing in front of a large crowd and is able to engage in a conversation.

I was so touched that I decided to write this article. I might not know yet where my path lies but that will not stop me from trying. Make sure you find your path and share it with the world; you might be sitting on a goldmine.


6 thoughts on “THE GOLDMINE”

  1. Inspirational with a very huge message on talent establishment and naturing accompanied with a glimpse of the fruits. Thanks. Good one.


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