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Placeholder ImageThe past few weeks I haven’t been constant I do apologize due to unavoidable circumstances I rarely get the opportunity to write, and just like english to me writing is still a difficult task I am sure you have seen my struggles over the few stories I have posted. Over the last few days I have been taking my grandma to the eye hospital so we travel from Nakuru to Loresho at for checkups. This checkups have become so frequent that I can go through them with my eyes closed. The other day I just asked my parents instead of us traveling back and forth so often we just move Cucu(grandma) to Nairobi. Since my grandma on my father’s side already lives in Nairobi. So while guys to visit their grandparent’s upcountry I usually just come to Nairobi or go to Nakuru since boths my grandparents live around these two towns. I once asked my grandma why she is still in Nairobi and most of her pals are up country her reply made my day. She simply told me she doesn’t roll like that. Life upcountry is depressing and she is already used to the hustles of this busy city as soon as she goes to ushago(up country) she will grow old and depressed very fast .

Both my grandmas are amazing people when in great health they are up and about always busy you would rarely find them at home. I guess I get my artistic side from them. One of them used to do nice kiondos(sisal bags) and has ever made my younger sister an outfit made neatly woven paper bags that she used during a fashion contest back in high school which grabbed her second place. We were all shocked considering the fact my sister has always been a tomboy. High school really changes people she went a tomboy came out a proper lady.

Although professionally she was a teacher my other grandma also knits. She has made us surfs and sweaters for the cold season. I remember two particular sweaters she made for us when we were young those days back then when my mum used to make me and my sister where matching clothes. I didn’t mind this at all the only thing that really bothered me is that every Sunday and Christmas days she use to make us wear Cinderella dresses that were really uncomfortable. Back to the sweaters mine had many different colors I bet she sensed that I would be versatile in nature. while my younger sister got a red sweater which was written “I love you mum”. This was mainly because she was named after my great grandmother, and boy does she love her name. I can proudly say I borrowed a lot from these two amazing ladies I would easily observe them busy at work and soon enough I would have mastered the skill.

They would tell us of how amazing life was back then. How they used to pay 50 cents for school fees or how my grandma traveled from Kangundo in Machakos to Nakuru at the age of 12 year alone to reunite with her parents and younger sister and at the time only knew that they were in Nakuru she never knew anything else only the name of the area they were staying.

My mum and aunts also had fascinating stories of how amazing life was, how classy fashion was back then, and how much they had fun playing outside making their own makeshift toys or how they used go watch movies in drive INS. All this stories will make you pity the children of today who are enslaved by technology. Am not saying that technology is a bad this but they don’t get time to interact with each other and explore the world around them. I remember when I was young my parents used to allow to play as much as we wanted provided we had finished our household chores. We lived in a nice neighborhood where all the neighbors were close pals and we had a central place to play, surrounded by the houses. I remember going to the shop without shoes looking as if I had crawled out of a hole with a list at hand containing three items. I always went to the shops with a list since I would play along the way and the possibilities of me forgetting what I was sent was high. The schools were close by life was great. I remember my first school Elimu Nursary School we used to wear blue tunic dresses with a white collar and half white pockets. The school was just right across the road and we had to be taken to school and back home. Life was amazing back then and if I would be able to turn back the hand of time I wouldn’t change anything except for the uncomfortable Cinderella dresses we used to wear.

I have a tendency of drifting off when I tell stories . I hope you are able to catch my drift. The main reason why i wrote this story was to apologize for my inconsistency. I do hope with time things will get better.


dating_a_sugar_daddy_november14_13 Seated here I really do wonder what goes on in peoples head at times. It would surely be interesting if someone could read minds. Everyone has a bit of craziness in them. It’s just that our level of madness varies and Mathare mental hospital cannot hold all of us. If one day you took a mad person to Mathare and you tell the doctor I have brought this person here because they are mad and before the doctor could take any action the person says, ” I only agreed to come because  you are mad and it was the easiest way to get you here”. Who do you think the doctor would believe, you or the crazy person you have brought?

So back in campus I met very interesting people. When I was in 2nd year I had this neighbor who used to really fascinate. Innocent me never understood what’s happening until my pal explained it to me. Yes I have a lot of blonde moments. This is mainly because I think of the world as good place. So back to the story, Every time we opened school since I would travel from Nakuru to Nairobi. I used to go to school a day early so that I would take time to clean and settle before the semester starts. This neighbor of mine was very pretty and jovial all the time and so every time we opened school she would be dropped by a big silver range rover. This is Juja we talking about. These are rare things you see in the middle of the week if you catch my drift. Then the next day her shopping was brought by a Subaru forester (at the time that was one of the IT cars). Well on Thursdays since the weekend would have already started she was get picked up by a Mercedes I would think to myself “some people are very fortunate.” They are so rich and have a fleet of cars tending to them. While I have to struggle carrying this huge backpack full of farm products from home. So one of those fine days when was walking back to my place from school, the neighbor of mine was being picked up by an audi. I turned to one of my pals who knew her and I was like “hey they bought a new car I hadn’t seen this one before” my pal laughed so hard that we had to stop walking. Then finally she told me all the cars are not theirs they are her sponsor’s cars. SPONSORS mmhh!!!!! I know sponsors support your education. So I just said that she was lucky she has many sponsors my pal seeing I didn’t quite fully understand what she said, had to use the term sugar daddies. That’s when I caught her drift. Blonde me!

After campus I met Marie (note that the names used are not their real names) whom went to Sunday school with. It was so exciting since we had to catch up. We discovered that we had made several common pals one of them being her boyfriend who had been my friend for the past five years. After a three months of keeping in touch, we fell out, soon after I met Lisa  a common friend that we had who was also my high school classmate of mine. I told her about our falling out. She exclaimed saying that if we had to talk about Marie we need to sit down coz there is a lot to say. We went to one of the hotels in town and had a cup of tea since it was cold. I wasn’t prepared for what I heard next. There are actually evil people in this world. I just wonder where the world is headed to.

Marie works as a cabin crew at Wilson airport. Her relationship with her boyfriend had been shaky of late and since before the fall out she had asked me to talk to him. I felt that it wasn’t my place to speak since “wapendanao ndio wakosanao” so anyway apparently the guy had discovered that his chick has a mzungu sponsors hence the shaky relationship. I really felt sorry for this guy knowing him for 5 years. I knew that he had health problems which used to take a toll on him. My pal gave me instances that made me feel even sorry for the guy. On several occasion the guy would be admitted in the hospital and the so called girlfriend would rarely visit and if she does it’s when she wants money. Sometimes his friends had to donate blood but his girlfriend never bothered despite the fact that she had the same blood type as the guy. There is even a time when they were at home and the family had come to visit this was one of those days the girl would come to visit since she’s broke .No one in the family actually liked her they all kept themselves busy in the kitchen and other places the guys started developing ceasures and instead of the girlfriend calling for help she just started laughing at him. It was just by chance that the brother walked in the room greeted by the situation.

It’s so sad that bad things happen to good people. I just wonder what goes through the minds of these sponsors they don’t know that someone would actually use their daughters the same way. On the other hand what might this girls be thinking?



bigbangupdates+nagoya+alive+tour+120517_0011I have been so busy that today the moment I took my laptop I sat down for several hours blank not knowing what to write about. I saw something on YouTube that inspired me. My first question to you is how well do you nuture your talent? That’s if you have any. Growing up we are told we can be anything we want to be. But what is it that stops us?! .Most of our parents would immediately take us to a guidance and counselor, pray for you or even punish you when you tell them you want to be a musician or an artist. In Kenya those aren’t considered as serious professions. They are considered hobbies and it’s so sad that parents do not actually let their children take part in such activities. I do agree that education is very important but not all children are the same. Some might be “book smart” while others might just be “street smart” not all of us are born the same. Yes guide your child through school and also encourage them to nuture what it is that they love, to avoid conflict during their teenage years. You may never know, you might be raising the next king of pop or maybe the next Leonardo Da Vinci. You won’t know unless you let them try.

Our parents aren’t the only people to blame for this. We have schools too which arent doing much to nuture the talents. What initiatives are they enforcing to detect talent from kids at an early age, and even after recognizing their talent what are they doing to ensure that the talent is nutured.  Personally, I think that the government should  start up a programme for kids who have talent. What are we as the children of this generation doing to make sure we follow our dreams? do we let people tell us what we can and cannot do?.

Earlier today, I watched this video that really moved me. It was about an autistic boy that was performing on Britain has got talent. One day when he was 3 years old, the school bus driver that used to take him to school and back stopped at the young boys house amazed and told his mother the child had sang all the way home. A child who couldn’t speak was able to express himself through a song. Now at 10 the boy is able to sing in front of a large crowd and is able to engage in a conversation.

I was so touched that I decided to write this article. I might not know yet where my path lies but that will not stop me from trying. Make sure you find your path and share it with the world; you might be sitting on a goldmine.



87390fcea1e27d11d620bd8dfdcd9ffaThe industry am in is just messed up if I may say, it’s just like politics, a dirty game of some sort. Those you meet can either make or break you, it all depends on whether you meet the right or wrong people. It’s up to you to decide if you will have a faint heart or once you fall, you will be able to get up, dust yourself, keep your head up high and soldier on. In the past eight months I have met a lot of people and seen a lot. Met a lot of interesting characters too. I have been in the industry for a short time but I have made a lot of observations.

At first I was very excited and yet I might say naive. I got a job as a social media representative for some company that did events. We were only five in the beginning and everyone had their duties and responsibilities. At first it was really challenging since I had to learn and execute things as they come. But soon I got used to it. My colleagues were simply amazing I must say. They meticulously taught me the ropes, and they did it well. One of them is actually the one that pushed me to set up this blog. Thank you Mark. The experience was epic! I got to do a lot of exciting things and conducted lots of interviews for both local and international artists, I got to see a side of life I had never seen before.

But looking back I wonder why people treat each other with so much distaste! Is it that you see the other person as the older version of you before all the fame and glory? Is it that you see an attribute in them that scares you and you are afraid they might go much further than you ever did? Or do you just have a heart so dark that it’s only inhabitant is hate and loath for others and your only mission in life is to use people to your advantage?

I say this because things started changing fast. Let’s just say reality kicked in and it kicked hard. Guys started quitting due to one or two issues they had with the boss. Yes, things were bad and every time I felt frustrated I’d tell myself the world wasn’t built for the faint hearted. I convinced myself that God had a reason for everything, and so I soldiered on. My boss stopped paying and started giving me false hopes. The band threatened to go online and expose her so she paid them. Unfortunately for me, every time I asked for my share she would come up with cock and bull stories. Event sponsors had started backing out as she puts it.

Barely two months after I was out however, the event miraculously got back on its feet. The sponsors that had backed out as alleged were back and they were in it to win. As I had stated earlier, this industry has interesting people. Some will use you and dump you, others will promise you the world, and for the rest, let’s just say they think that they own the world.

The positives are also many. I got to interact with a lot of great people who constantly give me great advice and guidelines. Some have so much passion and love in what they do, that just makes you envious and motivates you to look for that thing that you love doing and push yourself beyond your cozy cocoon to achieve the best.

I deeply apologize for skipping last week’s article. The challenges of life, its ups and downs and unavoidable circumstances wouldn’t have allowed me do so. Life’s journey is not smooth, how you handle it determines your ultimate success or failure.


The way you carry yourself will often determine how you are treated: in the long run, appearing vulgar or common will make people disrespect you. By acting regally and confident of your powers, you make yourself seem destined to wear a crown.

As children, we start our lives with great exuberance, expecting and demanding everything from the world. I bet everyone especially Kenyans associate with this. This generally carries over into our first forays into society, as we begin our careers. But as we grow older the rebuffs and failures we experience set up boundaries that only get firmer with time. As we expect less from the world, we accept limitations that a really self-imposed. Well folks all this can change if we believe we are destined for great things, our belief will radiate outward, this outward radiance will infect the people around us, who will think we must have reason to feel so confident. People who believe in their own greatness tend to have a self-fulfilling prophecy. The trick is simple: Be overcome by your self-belief. Even when you know you are practicing a kind of deception on yourself, act like a king. You are likely to be treated as one.

One way to emphasize your difference is to always act with dignity, no matter the circumstance. Dignity, in fact, is invariably the mask to assume under difficult circumstances: It is as if nothing can affect you, and you have all the time in the world to respond. This is an extremely powerful pose.

Finally, to reinforce the inner psychological tricks involved in projecting a royal demeanor, there outward strategies to help you create the effect. First, always make bold demands, set your price high and do not waver. Second, in a dignified way, go after the highest person in the building. This immediately puts you on the same plane as the chief executive or whoever you are attacking. A simple strategy for career Kenyans: By choosing a great opponent, you create the appearance of greatness. Third, give a gift of some sort to those above you. By giving your patron a gift you are essentially saying that the two of you are equal. Remember: It is up to you to set your own price. Ask for less and that is just what you will get. Ask for more however, and you send a signal that you are worth more. Even those who turn you down respect you for your confidence, and that respect will eventually pay off in ways you cannot imagine.

Mohammed Ali proclaimed that he was the worlds greatest, carried himself like the greatest and in the end we all believed and we all came to believe so. Indeed he was a legend. His Legend Lives On



He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life

float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee



I recently meet a pal of mine who we hadn’t talked since High school. High school that is one place that only He who is above can explain how I survived , because to me its still a mystery. If survived that place then there is no where i can not survive. Things were pretty tough back then reason being it was my first time in boarding school. Waking up at 4:30 AM, showering with icy cold water!!!!. It was at this time that I learnt the art of sleeping while standing up during mass time. I am not proud of it but hapo ndo maisha ilikuwa imenifikisha. Our school was not like any other school. I used to call it a military camp where we used to shave our heads clean. Yes so clean that there was this one time we went out for a literature symposium some boys school called us potato heads because of our clean-shaved heads, and to top it all we had to wear long checked skirts with pleats. We never used to go for outings the only time you would see the school gates was when you were really sick, mid terms, opening and closing dates and the once-in-a-looooooooooooog!!!!!! while symposium. Ten o’clock tea was luxury to us. Lets not forget about the hospital corners on our beds which was mandatory and how we used to arrange our clothes in an orderly manner dark colored clothes at the bottom lights colored clothes on top, thick clothes at the bottom light clothes on top.  We were approximately 200 students and everyone new each other so Fridays instead of entertainment we used to have socializing sections or watch bible stories. I should probably dedicate a whole story on my High school life experience because that was one heck of a ride, what seemed normal to you guys was not for me. I thank God for the holiday tutions they broke the boring routine life back in school and it was always exciting for me to met new people and shared experiences.
IMG-20160511-WA0008One of those people i met was an incredible artist by the name Evie  Mwangi whose stage name was Evie Vara. At the time she would just sing for fun, but she had one very unique voice. We immediately became good buddies due to her bubbly nature. It was way later after we had lost touch and i started seeing her posters online and i was like “Damn! this girl is really doing great for herself!”. As luck would have it a few months ago I was working for some company that organized events every month where up artists perform and so i decided to reach out to Evie and see if she would be interested.  Luckily, she honored the invite and was able to share the stage with big and amazing artist such as sauti sol, Big pin, Syd, the lovely Tallia Oyando just to name a few .

After the event, we decided to catch up and make up for the lost time. Since I am very inquisitive in nature asked her a whole bunch of questions which i will gladly share with you.

Curious as i was you probably would guess that the first question i asked (and no if you thought i asked her why music, I mean, she has an angelic voice! What mad friend would i be if i asked her that) so i asked her how her musical journey started. With that, she started narrating to me memories of the good old days. Speaking of the good old days my question to all those who will read this, why do we call them that? is it that the time we are at now is good enough? So, back to my story. She told me that she knew music was something she would pursue so by chance, Miwo from Onyx Musik Records happened to find them hanging out at Peekay and the late Shrekeezy’s place. (will tell you more about Shrekeezy some other time. he was one awesome guy), and they were introduced.

Professionally, she started singing during the latter months of 2013 with her first official release being a cover for “Pray Me Well” by Chrisette Michelle featuring Rob Glasper.
Her musical journey has been full of ups and downs; in many ways an eye opener. Hey, she’s young and still learning basically- learning is an endless journey, huh?
She tells me that to her, being able to touch and inspire different people in different ways through her work is fulfilling to her since she purposes  to positively impact peoples lives through what she does.
Viva la Eva! (ok, that’s kind of a forced pun…but u get the point yeah?) Long live Evie! N her music :-). Recently Evie released her new “single you and i”an amazing jam i might say. I only listened to the song twice and I just fell in love with it.

Words of advice from Evie: Every moment above ground is a blessing. Live while you’re alive. You can always get intouch with this lovely lady through:

  • Email:
  • Subscribe to sound cloud: Evie Vara
  • Youtube: Evie Vara
  • Like FB page: Evie Vara
  • Twitter, snapchat and Instagram @evie_vara
Make sure you listen to Evie’s amazing jam “YOU & I”





When i first created this blog i never knew i had to write about myself as an introductory part this is more of a challenge since i have to describe myself in the best way possible. I however take the challenge with much gusto. Coming from a humble background i have learnt to appreciate the little things in life and enjoy every moment life offers. I have a weird slogan that says “God gave us the world this big filled with different people and it is up to us to explore and meet as many people as possible” So that when you die and He asks you  what you did with the opportunity He had given you atleast you would have a whole list of activities. I might say that i am more artistic in nature and i love doing things with my hands. I am very talkative and traveling has to be the best part of life. Yes i love fashion but its not always that you get everything right just make do with what you have and have fun while at it, the rest would just follow. I did my degree in JKUAT and yes people there is mass communication in JKUAT. Where i majored in advertising and minored in public relations.

Well enough about me and more about the blog. It is more of a lifestyle blog whereby i will look at people in different professions and seek to find out why they chose that profession its pros and cons. I will try to spice things up to do away with monotony and have something exciting. I hope you will  enjoy taking this amazing journey with me as we meet more people and explore this amazing place we live in. There is more yet to come hope we will have an exiting journey together.

photography by Kevin Casmir

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